About Western Tactical Gunsmithing

We exist to serve the firearms community with professional custom gunsmithing & repair work.

 I am a trained, professional gunsmith – I graduated from one of only 5 accredited college/trade school gunsmithing programs in the USA. I then spent 5 years working under one of this nation’s master gunsmiths. I also continue to do hands-on continuing education in my field. I didn’t learn to do what I do from a correspondence course or watching videos online. This isn’t to say that there aren’t skilled & accomplished gunsmiths that followed a different path to this trade than I did. However, it is disconcerting fact in my trade that any person can call themselves a gunsmith, and the consumer is sometimes left to discover the truth of that claim after the damage is done.

Western Tactical Gunsmithing is a clean, modern 1700 square foot facility with a comfortable customer service area and fully equipped with new equipment:  lathe, mill, sanders, grinders, buffers, bead blasting cabinet, test firing snail, & secure storage vault.

(940) 898-7411 - 3916 E. McKinney, Suite 103, Denton, TX 76208 - wtguns@yahoo.com