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Modern Warfare 2 fans want a fun feature to publicly shame campers

Along with the multiplayer reveal and beta dates announcement at CDL Champs, Infinity Ward unveiled the Marina Bay Grand Prix map. Eagle-eyed players will have noticed that some Infinity Ward developers are popping up on the map.

Maps can make or break a Call of Duty game, but Modern Warfare 2 fans are especially excited to play the next Marina Bay Grand Prix map that was revealed at CDL Champs 2022.

Heavily inspired by the Marina Bay Street circuit of the Singapore Grand Prix, Modern Warfare 2 players will be able to experience the map in the September beta. But in the footage already shown, players found a cheeky Infinity Ward easter egg.

As spotted by The loadingseveral Infinity Ward developers exist in the Modern Warfare 2 universe as Formula 1 drivers. The paddock is displayed throughout the map overview, and universe drivers are named on the panels above the garages.

Also, there’s another developer name from Infinity Ward, Hancock, who can be spotted throughout the video, such as on the right side of the souvenir kiosk at 20 seconds, and is likely another team alongside of “Rohan”.

Five names can be spotted throughout the 40-second clip, and they’re all linked to an Infinity Ward developer. Here’s everyone spotted so far:

  • Steve Najera – Senior Producer
  • Paul Interrante – Artistic Director Environment
  • Carlos Cervantes – Lead Environment Artist
  • Matt Evans – Environmental Artist
  • Charles Hancock – Associate Producer

Judging from the video, the rest of the garages in the paddock are unused, so maybe not all of the devs exist as drivers. But we’ll get a better look at the map once the beta goes live in September, where there are sure to be even more Easter eggs to discover.

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Image credit: Activision