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3 Notable Items From Morphy’s Guns & Militaria Auction, Including Gun Commissioned By Elvis Presley | Entertainment

Morphy Auctions, the Denver-based auction house, will hold a two-day sale Nov. 15-16 featuring 800 lots of rare guns and collectibles ranging from the 18th century to contemporary times.

Lots include historically significant firearms – ranging from Civil War earguns to a custom .44 Magnum commissioned by Elvis Presley – as well as a collection of machine guns approved for sale by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The auction takes place at the Morphy Gallery at 2000 N. Reading Road in Denver. Auctions begin at 9 a.m. both days. Bidders can participate in person or online at

Here are three unique pieces from the sale:

Rifle captured during the Harper’s Ferry Uprising

Civil War enthusiasts and gun collectors will be interested in this 1853 rifle captured in the 1859 Harper’s Ferry Raid.

Gun collectors and history buffs will want to be locked and loaded and ready to bid when this Sharp Model 1853 single-shot, slant-breech rifle from John Brown’s arsenal comes up for auction. One of the most historically significant events leading up to the Civil War was the raid by John Brown and his band of abolitionists on the Federal Armory located in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, October 16–18. 1859. The raid was the first step in a plan to establish a stronghold for freed slaves in West Virginia. Brown and his band of abolitionists were eventually defeated by Federal troops led by Robert E. Lee and Brown was subsequently hanged. The rifle features an inscription on the mashing box which reads: ‘Captured by the Independent Grays in the insurrection at Harper’s Ferry October 18, 1859. R. Wm. Grahame’ Estimate is $30,000 to $60,000.

.44 Magnum for “Memphis Mafia” member

Morphy's Gun Auctions November 15-16: Elvis Handgun

A gold-embellished .44 Magnum custom-ordered by Elvis Presley for a member of his “Memphis Mafia” entourage is among 800 lots available at Morphy’s Nov. 15-16 auction.

Who needs money? That was the question posed by Elvis Presley in the 1967 song of the same name recorded for the movie “Clambake” (1967). The answer is anyone who wants to purchase this unique collectible Smith & Wesson 29-2 .44 Magnum revolver commissioned by the King himself for Lamar Fike – a member of Presley’s inner circle known as the “Memphis Mafia”. The revolver is gold-trimmed and engraved by Las Vegas firearms engraver Joseph Condon. The flashy gun comes with a photo of Presley with Pike and a letter from Condon that identifies this gun by serial number and details its engraving work. The estimate is $100,000 to $150,000

Fabrique National US M240B machine gun

Morphy's Gun Auction November 15-16

A rare Fabrique National US M240B machine gun has an estimate of $250,000 to $500,000. Approval from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is required for the transfer.

For many gun collectors, this Fabrique National US M240B model machine gun will be the highlight of the auction. The model is in near new condition and has never been fired according to Dan Morphy, president of Morphy Auctions. “It comes from the personal collection of a very insightful and advanced machine gun collector who wishes to remain anonymous as he draws from his collection,” Morphy said in a press release. The estimate is $250,000 to $500,000.

For more information about the Nov. 15-16 auction, call 877-968-8880 or visit