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Dr Disrespect not impressed with Modern Warfare 2 graphics after Farm 18 map reveal

Streaming star Dr Disrespect has hit the visuals of Modern Warfare 2 after Infinity Ward gave fans their first look at Farm 18’s multiplayer map.

Modern Warfare 2 is set to arrive very soon, and players are desperate for a glimpse of what Infinity Ward has in store for them. After the single-player campaign aired in June, attention unsurprisingly turned to multiplayer.

Ahead of the multiplayer reveal scheduled for September, the developers started teasing a few Modern Warfare 2 maps. First, we took a look at the Marina Bay Grand Prix, followed shortly after by Farm 18.

Not everyone was so excited about the teasers, however, with YouTube Gaming star Dr Disrespect calling out Modern Warfare 2’s graphics.

During a recent stream, Dr Disrespect watched the dev breakdown of Farm 18, which featured the first small glimpse of multiplayer gameplay as they explored the map.

Doc was clearly unimpressed with what he saw, only breaking his silence to shout “oh my god”, before stopping to highlight some grass sticking out of the concrete and letting out a smile.

“Boy, this engine is on its f*****g last legs, damn it,” he said looking at a wider shot of the map, explaining that he feels sorry for the devs and what they have to work with.

“There’s too much talent between the three, four studios that they launch on this game now, every year. 3-400 people working on this game, many of them just super talented developers. It’s just a shame that they have to work on this engine.

Doc even wondered whether or not his PC was on the right settings: “I have to do something here, I mean am I in HD?” The streamer then returned to compare the visuals of Modern Warfare 2 to the original Modern Warfare, released in 2007. “I mean, what was that 18 years ago?” he joked.

Later in the development blackout, Infinity Ward showed a behind-the-scenes image of the engine in action. “Look at the age of this thing, that’s exactly what we worked with,” Doc explained, referring to his time as a level designer on Advanced Warfare in 2014.

While Dr Disrespect is clearly unimpressed with Modern Warfare 2’s graphics, we hope the game lives up to the gameplay when it releases in November.

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Image credits: Dr Disrespect