I love revolvers, I enjoy doing revolver work & it is one of my specialties! I have quite a bit of successful experience tuning double action Smiths & Rugers, as well as slicking up Colt & Ruger single actions (as well as Colt clones). This isn’t spring swapping – it is analyzing parts design and fit, action geometry, wear patterns, sources of friction and tension balancing to get your particular revolver to perform more smoothly. We can also help with rebarreling, custom sight work, cylinder fitting & other revolver related tasks.  I plan on adding moon-clip conversions to our capabilities in the near future. I do work on some other brand revolvers on occasion, such as Dan Wesson, Taurus, Charter Arms, Rossi & Colt double actions, but I need to consult the client in advance due to specific challenges these guns may present (such difficulty accessing parts and/or limited viability).

(940) 898-7411 - 3916 E. McKinney, Suite 103, Denton, TX 76208 - wtguns@yahoo.com