I have a nearly 40 year user relationship with the Colt 1911 & over 30 years with the Browning Hi Power. I am very comfortable with both of those designs & will perform most any reasonable request for work on them, up to & including ground-up custom builds/rebuilds. I am experienced with all common autos & a whole lot of uncommon ones, too! Slicking up or modifying your Beretta, Sig, Walther, HK or Smith – no problem. Unlike some gunsmiths, you will not find any anti-Polymer snobbery at Western Tactical. I have spent a good deal of time using the Glock system both professionally and personally, & I was one of the first 2 civilian armorers trained on the S&W M&P.

(940) 898-7411 - 3916 E. McKinney, Suite 103, Denton, TX 76208 - wtguns@yahoo.com