General Labor Rate: $70 an hour, $45 minimum

Please note that these are estimates for simple singular tasks, multiple tasks done on the same gun at the same time are usually less expensive than simply adding up items on this menu. This small list is in no way a complete list of our services!

Front & Rear Sight Installation:

$45 for most automatics
1911s w/ tenon type front sights $70
Springfield XD/XDM/XDS $45-$70

Action Work/Trigger Jobs :

S&W & Ruger double action, Ruger Single Action revolver: $125 plus parts.
Colt 1911: $70 plus parts if required
Glock: $45 plus parts / $60 plus parts using the Ghost Rocket connector
S&W M&P: $70 plus parts
Springfield XD: $105 plus parts

AR-15 & AR-10 type rifles

AR Audit inspections: Unfortunately, we see many brand name AR type rifles that suffer from sloppy quality control. We can provide a full, professional inspection of a rifle to be used for law enforcement or other possibly dire circumstances, or you want a pro to look over your DIY build, we’ll be glad to help. We will give it a thorough look & test fire, including checking headspace. $70 (plus parts if necessary). We can also recut your chamber to true 5.56 NATO specs if you so desire for $25 (many manufacturers will stamp barrels as 5.56 NATO that actually have a 223 chamber – it’s a pet peeve of ours!).

AR forend/rail replacement requiring barrel nut &/or gas block removal: $70

AR barrel replacement w/ headspace check & test firing: $70-$140 depending on Gas Block, etc…

AR permanent muzzle device install with welded blind pin for 14.5 barrels, etc,,,: $70

Barrel Threading (includes disassembly reassembly & recrowning):

Most bolt actions – $140

AR type rifles - $175

add $40 for timed brakes, add $20 to ream brake if necessary, add $20 to cut barrel length at time of threading

Hunting Muzzle Complete Muzzle Brake Installation: (using a Shrewd brand brake as an example) Threaded, Brake turned to barrel diameter, reamed to caliber & blued or stainless polished to match barrel $275

Install & Boresight Scopes $45

Recoil Pad Install: $70 plus pad

Clean, Lube Inspect & Testfire: $55 for most firearms, $70 for labor intensive firearm (for example- Browning A5, most double shotguns). Does NOT include extensive corrosion removal, extensive copper removal from barrels or firearms in “barn find” / “battlefield recovery” condition!

We offer discounts to FFL dealers, Law Enforcement & active duty military. Law Enforcement/Military Customers will also receive preferential expedited delivery when necessary & possible.
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