We exist to serve the firearms community with professional custom gunsmithing & repair work.

 I am a trained, professional gunsmith – I graduated from one of only 5 accredited college/trade school gunsmithing programs in the USA. I then spent 5 years working under one of this nation’s master gunsmiths. I also continue to do hands-on continuing education in my field. I didn’t learn to do what I do from a correspondence course or watching videos online. This isn’t to say that there aren’t skilled & accomplished gunsmiths that followed a different path to this trade than I did. However, it is disconcerting fact in my trade that any person can call themselves a gunsmith, and the consumer is sometimes left to discover the truth of that claim after the damage is done.

Western Tactical Gunsmithing is a clean, modern 1700 square foot facility fully equipped with lathe, mill, sanders, grinders, buffers, sand blasting cabinet, test firing snail, secure storage vault and comfortable customer service area.

Graduate of Murray State College Gunsmithing Technology program in 2007

Employed 2007-2012 Williamson Precision Gunsmithing in Hurst, Texas as a journeyman gunsmith under the great Lou Williamson.

Certified armorer for Smith & Wesson, Sig-Sauer, Glock, Bushmaster & Remington.

Advanced study of 1911 tuning under Jim Stroh (1996 Pistolsmith of the Year)

Advanced study of Ruger Single Action tuning under Hamilton Bowen (1990 Pistolsmith of the Year)

I do general gunsmithing work as well as specialized custom work.

(940) 898-7411 - 3916 E. McKinney, Suite 103, Denton, TX 76208 - wtguns@yahoo.com